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SCHOOL HOURS 2020-2021

School Hours:

All students and staff must complete the COVID health check before arriving to school each day. If a staff or child displays symptoms on the list, stay at home and call 811.

New in 2020-2021 - CLOSED CAMPUS for Junior High. Students registered to stay for lunch must have written parental permission to leave the school grounds at lunch. Before returning they must once again complete the COVID health check.

Morning bell (K to 9):

Group A: 8:30 am

Group B: 8:40 am 

Lunch: 11:31 am to 12:11 pm

Afternoon Kindergarten Arrival Times:

Group A: 12:11 pm

Group B: 12:21 pm

Kindergarten Dismissal Times:

Morning Group A: 11:21 am

Morning Group B: 11:31 am

Afternoon Group A: 3:12 pm

Afternoon Group B: 3:22 pm

Grade 1 to Grade 6 Dismissal Times:

Group A: 3:12 pm

Group B at 3:22 pm

Junior High (Grades 7 to 9) Dismissal times:

Group A: 3:07 pm

Group B: 3:17 pm

Every THURSDAY we have early dismissal, with all students K through Grade 9 leaving as follows:

Group A: 2:05 pm

Group B: 2:15 pm 

Students must enter and exit through their assigned door to increase physical distancing.